środa, 15 marca 2017


Не знаю почему, но этот рисуное то ли по причине названия, то ли чего-то другого, завораживает меня с самого начала. Платок просто прекрасен и я очень рада, что его перевыпустили на жаккарде (обрадовалась бы любому материалу ;) ) Для полного счастья мне не хватает только самого светленького летнего колорита, который выпускался очень давно и как подозреваю, не слишком большим тиражом. На данный момент у меня есть саржевые 10 и 17 колориты, а 14-й - на крепдешине. Все активно ношу - не залеживаются ;)

poniedziałek, 13 marca 2017

Павловские Розы - 2

очень люблю этот платок за весеннее прохладное настроение, всегда хочу его надеть, когда на улице тепло, но пасмурно, а еще этот колорит напоминает мне красивый камень празем :) Надо наверное украшение сделать с ним :)

piątek, 30 grudnia 2016

Over a Silver Water

Yesterday it was a nice day. With my son & friend we were on the city beach to drink a coffee, to make photos & to walk ;)
I was in my new knitted jacket with the deep maroon shawl "Over a Silver Water" by Tatiana Sukcharevskaya.

poniedziałek, 21 listopada 2016

Old fashion ;)

There are a lot of Pavlovo Posad shawls without any name and unknown authors. This is one of them, but a few months ago the author was published - it was Klara Zinivieva, who was one of the most "active" artists of the Manufacture.
I love her patterns, especially her roses and other flowers, they are natural, bright and drawn in a great detail.
I wrote "old fashion" because  now the Pavlovo Posad Manufacture produces bright colourful wraps & there no traditional ecru, so I must bought some vintage ones ;)

Blooming Garden

As this pattern is my favourite one, I have it in three colours - grey, beige & red ;) The pattern was painted in 50-s (XX of cource ;) ) by the very talented artist Lidia Shakhovskaya.
This grey is very rare shawl, but also it is one of the most beautiful. Bright flowers look more colorful on the neutral grey backgriund.
Yesterday I wear it with my new hand knitted cardigan :)

czwartek, 17 listopada 2016


I'm very happy to show you my newest bead crochet pattern, which was inspired by a lovely silk Russian shawl named "Nuance" and designed by Lubov Ikonnikova of Pavlovo Posad Manufacture. I've used one element from the shawl - a beautiful flower - to design this unique bead crochet pattern that I call "Red Flowers Summer". The pattern was made for 15/0 Japanese seed beads, because the pattern is pretty wide :)
I hope you like it & I think it is the first pattern of  the Russian Shawls patterns edition ;)
You can purchase PDF pattern here to make the beautiful necklace for yourself

sobota, 5 listopada 2016

Царевна (Princess)

One of my favourite authors and patterns - Tsarevna or Princess. The pattern was created by the talented artist Klara Zinovieva & I have ther wraps of her design.
This colour of Tsarevna was limited so I was happy when my friend buy it for me in Moskva.
All the colours are warm and elegant, they are so close to amber tones which I really love.
The knitted beanie was knitted by myself of the Tweed yarn, I think it matches good with this shawl ;)